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"There's no better feeling than creating something that delivers laughter and learning to others."

Jon Paul Spurling was born and raised in the sleepy town of Ipswich, UK, where he very quickly fell in love with performing arts. Having starred in several school plays and local theater productions throughout his teenage years, Jon moved to London in his early twenties and was soon signed to international modeling agency, BMA.

For ten years, Jon featured in commercials and popular British TV shows. During this time, he developed a passion for life behind the camera. What started out as script writing, developed into producing, directing, and eventually setting up a small production company. Simultaneously, Jon launched and grew a private high-performance coaching practice and a freelance marketing consultancy.

In 2017, Jon made the move to the US. His first port of call was Scottsdale, AZ, where he served for two years as the president of Helix House marketing agency. In 2019, he left the desert behind and headed for Los Angeles, where he quickly landed a job as a producer on the Quibi show Musicology.

Now the head of scripted content at OGM Productions, Jon balances his time between screenwriting and project development. He also does regular volunteer work, including mentoring film students on how to turn their education into a career post graduation.

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