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Having completed this, my very first feature screenplay, in January 2020, I submitted it for two rounds of coverage. As a newbie, I was a little unsure of what to expect. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at being placed in the "Virtually Perfect" category and being granted the much vaunted "Recommend."

From there, I began reaching out to some contacts in the industry. Within in a few weeks I had some early concept artwork created and the former head of publicity at Dreamworks had read the script and very kindly offered to shop it around to his people.

At that point I assumed it would be fast-tracked over to the desk of several Hollywood legends and we would be in pre-production before you could say "Disney Classic!"

And then COVID.

I'm not actually saying that the pandemic is the only reason this little project stalled out. There are myriad reasons, including the screenplay not being ready yet (I can say that now that I look back at it two years later!)


I still plan on revamping this work in the not-too-distant future and shopping it around to smaller animation studios, up-and-coming directors, artists, etc.


Because it's fun!


Why This Movie?

I wish I had a deeper, more philosophical reason for writing this movie, but I will be quite honest and say that once upon a time at Heathrow airport, I heard a kid ask his mommy what happened to their luggage after it went “behind the rubber curtain.” I immediately began to imagine bags coming to life in a Toy Story-esque manner, each with their own quirky character, thrilled to be off on another adventure! A few short months later, my first feature turned out to be a tale of allowing ourselves to dream of a bigger future, no matter how small our past. Hence the title. Also it’s about bags.

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One-Liner: “A feel-good family adventure about being all we can be, no matter where we come from.”

Genre: Animated/Family

Logline: Having been separated from her beloved husband and kids while on their usual family vacation, Rose goes on a rip-roaring, cross-country adventure to rejoin her family, assisted by a group of misfits she encounters along the way. Oh by the way, Rose is a backpack.

Tagline: “We’re not the only ones who look forward to a vacation.”

Movie Cross: Finding Nemo meets Toy Story

Short Synopsis/Teaser: In days gone by, Rose traveled the world with her beloved owner Jen. But times have changed, the girls have become settled, and life is now somewhat quotidian. Until that is, the annual family vacation results in Rose being separated from her family and flown thousands of miles in the wrong direction! With only five days until her family will board a flight in Miami and become permanently out of reach, Rose must figure out how to cross the country entirely undetected. Aided by a gang of long-forgotten bags she meets in a faraway Lost Luggage closet, the stay-at-home mom takes on bag-destroying robots, steals an old war plane, traffic-surfs through a futuristic city, and storms Miami airport! Will she get to the departure gate in time…?

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