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This screenplay came together in just a few weeks in Dec 2021/Jan 2022 and has since been picked up by super producer Lisa Freberg at One Good Man Productions.

Lisa/OGM's most recent feature offering is the highly praised Alex/October, currently screening at festivals around the U.S.

The project status of Business or Pleasure would most accurately be described as pre-pre-production. Initial brainstorming has commenced and we're all very excited to see this movie come to life over the coming months.

Or Pleasure

Why This Movie?

Aside from my adoration of musicals and my long-standing dream of writing one, my adventures in Hollywood over the last few years have introduced me to countless folk who lament the fact that “they don’t make movies like they used to!” This misty-eyed romanticism roughly translates to “any movie Audrey Hepburn was in”, therefore Business or Pleasure is a loose reimagining of My Fair Lady, with its two principal characters positioned on either side of an age-old debate; work hard for your future vs. have fun in the moment.

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One-Liner: “A musical exploration of work-life balance, set against the backdrop of the ever-enchanting motion picture industry.”

Genre: Musical-Comedy

Logline: A self-professed “serious actress” has 48 hours to prepare for the audition of a lifetime, guided by a fun-loving gentleman who claims that “having a good time” is the secret to success.

Tagline: “To land her dream role, she’ll need to drop the act.”

Movie Cross: My Fair Lady meets Lost In Translation.

Short Synopsis/Teaser: After years of hard work with little in the way of success, Joy Summers is about ready to throw in the towel when a once-in-a-lifetime audition gets dumped in her lap. Feeling ill-prepared for the role, Joy seeks assistance from Theo Jackson; a suave public speaker she had a chance encounter with at a hotel bar. Despite Joy’s belief that a diehard approach to audition prep is the best option, Theo takes her on a musical adventure, showing her the benefits of balancing work and play. The night before the audition, the two have a huge falling out, resulting in Joy realizing she’s still nowhere near ready. With Theo out of the picture, Joy must decide whether to give it one last shot, or finally call it quits and head back to her hometown.

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