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Why This Movie?

We’re seeing a groundswell of interest in AI, nanotech, and the convergence of the two. This movie explores what such technology could do for our memory recall, and thus our ability to predict and shape the future. Wrapped up in this fast-paced action flick lies the painfully relatable story of a man who never quite got over “the one who got away”, begging the question; if we could remember the past with 100% accuracy, would we be better equipped to move on with our lives? Also there’s some cool tech, action sequences, not-terrible jokes, and a couple of big explosions.


One-Liner: “A mind-bending, tech-heavy adventure about giving ourselves permission to let go of a painful past.”

Genre: Action-Comedy

Logline: A washed-up behavior analyst is recruited by a team of special agents who have 72 hours to track down a cyber hacker, threatening to unleash mind-altering technology on the world.

Tagline: “He’s stuck in the past, not a fan of the present, and our only shot at a future.”

Movie Cross: S.W.A.T. meets Run Fatboy Run.

Short Synopsis/Teaser: After Simon Tricker’s college sweetheart vanished without a trace, he never fully got over it. Years later, the once brilliant behavior analyst now works as a security guard at a retro gift store, still obsessing over the past. When the global news story breaks that a cyber hacker known as “Ninja” threatens to use memory enhancing tech dubbed "CTRL-R" to control the minds of the world’s most influential leaders, Simon’s long-term bestie, Catrin, recruits him to join her team of special operatives as they hunt down the hacker. Just as they have Ninja in their sights, new light is shed on the disappearance of Simon’s college crush, sending the current mission into disarray. As the clock counts down to the unleashing of CTRL-R, Simon faces the bittersweet revelation that the past he clings to so dearly, might never have happened.

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