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Why This Movie?

There are an encouragingly increasing number of movies being aimed at the LGBTQI+ community, as well as an upswing in the number of gay, queer, fluid, and transgender characters being portrayed on the big (and not so big) screen. Many of these excellent stories focus on the journey of coming out, the daily struggles, the “coming of age.” What we haven’t yet seen is an irreverent action-comedy adventure that packs the usual twists and turns of the genre, while being centered around the lives of the everyday folk who make up this wonderful community. Homer’s Sectionals is my attempt to fill that gap.

JPS Project Images (2000 × 800 px).png

One-Liner: "A fast-paced, irreverent mystery movie about having the courage to be your true self when everything’s on the line.”

Genre: Action-Comedy

Logline: A reclusive furniture store owner gets framed for the theft of a priceless couch belonging to a psychotic mob boss and has until midnight to return it, or his store and his life go up in smoke.

Tagline: “Out of the closet, into the fire.”

Movie Cross: Hot Fuzz meets Game Night.

Short Synopsis/Teaser: Homer lives a simple life running his sectional store, managing his beloved team, and caring for his father. But all of that changes when he’s framed for the theft of a priceless couch belonging to a local mob boss with a penchant for punishment. Having been instructed to return the missing couch before midnight or face the destruction of his store, Homer and his team set about solving the case, uncovering a diabolical tale that dates back twenty years and reveals secret identities, kept in the closet until now. As midnight approaches, Homer must make a choice: watch his store burn, or reveal a dark truth that has haunted him since childhood.

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