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Why This Movie?

Let’s start with the obvious: movies about immortal beings tend to do well. The human obsession with various gods is almost as strong as our love for the movies they appear in. However, said movies tend to be of a similar nature, i.e. the immortals in question are far removed from our species. This movie asks the question of what society would be like if death was optional for a select few human beings. I believe this is a reality we will one day face, so why not explore it now with a dash of spiritually endowed humor to sweeten the forthcoming philosophical debate?

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One-Liner: “A thought-provoking, comedic exploration of the desire to avoid death, even at the expense of enjoying life."

Genre: Action-Comedy

Logline: A rebellious kid from the slums goes on a daring quest to overcome a corrupt authoritarian and join an elite population of humans deemed worthy of eternal life.

Tagline: “Live forever. Or die trying.”

Movie Cross: Equilibrium meets Idiocracy.

Short Synopsis/Teaser: In the year 2095, those who can afford “the death vaccine” live in the protected city of Immortalville. Faisal Barakut is not one of them. Having grown up in the favelas of São Paulo, Faisal seems destined to live a scrappy life and die a scrappy death. Until that is, he stumbles upon Débora Romano; an Immortalville resident who ran away to escape the clutches of her overbearing father. Desperate to keep her whereabouts unknown, Débora strikes a deal with Faisal: in exchange for him keeping her little secret, she’ll help him to sneak into Immortalville and receive the death vaccine. As their quest plays out, Faisal and Débora begin to experience vivid flashbacks of unrecognizable events, and the eerie feeling that this has all happened before.

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