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MOdel citizen

Why This Show?

They say write about what you know. As someone who spent seven years working as a commercial model in London, and then moved to the US and went through the arduous process of attaining a Green Card, I feel well qualified to pen this mad little concept. The world of commercial modeling, where men and women get paid to look like everyone else, only slightly better looking, has always been ripe for parody. This particular version of said parody, brings a new twist to the classic story of chasing the American dream.


One-Liner: “A parody-rich examination of the modeling industry and the American dream."

Genre: Mockumentary

Logline: 14 commercial models from around the world compete to win a green card and the right to live and work in the U.S.

Tagline: “To become a model citizen, they’re gonna have to play dirty.”

Show Cross: The Office meets America’s Next Top Model

Season 1 Overview/Teaser: It was supposed to be a modeling competition like no other. Created by Remy Martin, CEO of Rank Models, Model Citizen sought to discover the next big commercial model and welcome them to American soil.  Although not a high budget show, its mission was to be the most inclusive competition of all time. But on the day the final episode was set to air, the local news reported that the body of one of the models had been found inside of the model home. Amidst panic and confusion, the show shut down and viewers never found out what really happened that fateful day. Or who won the competition, which was really annoying. Ten years on, we return to the model home to reveal the true story of Model Citizen.

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